Stop spending too much time and money on exchanges and trading bots.

Privacy First BOT (Goley - a happy, hard working bot) that is singularly focused on one goal. Dollar Cost Averaging for your Crypto investments on Coinbase Pro at lowest fee. With Goley, you save time, fees and keep your sweet returns.

Dollar Cost Averaging is great. Costly fees are not.

Dollar Cost Averaging (called DCA) is a simple investment strategy that allows you to buy a fixed number of shares or assets at regular price and intervals. This DCA way, is a proven investment strategy for higher returns and lower risks.

However, we noticed a problem in the marketplace. While some exchanges offer DCA, they charge high fees (for example ~0.10 trading fee in Coinbase).Professional accounts (like CoinBase Pro account) with low fees do not have DCA option. If you look to automate using other trading bots/program are geared towards high frequency trading, complicated strategies (which frankly do not work for most) and at worst, asks to have your account APIs, keys stored on their servers. Talk about exposing yourselves to risk.

 Goley Bot is the easiest way to Dollar Cost Averaging for your Crypto investments on Coinbase Pro. Not only do Goley makes it easy to Dollar Cost Averaging for you, but it also keep it safe and private (no sharing of keys, apis) - it all runs locally on your device. All that with one time fee, no sneaky subscription fees from us.

Get started today and start earning more, keeping more of your earnings and growing your Crypto investment portfolio.

Start Saving Now

Get Goley to work for you and automate your Crypto investments

  • Live Price Updates: Your investments will execute at Coinbase Pro with latest and live prices.

  • Complete control: You are in charge of keys, actions and you will have a running log of investments, updates so you are exactly in the know of what is going on.

  • Right on target: Fast acting, and reliable. Goley does what you command it to.

  • One time fee: We are in it for right reasons. Small or large, daily of monthly. We charge one time fee (and don't push anything else).

  • Unwind your Mind: There is a life outside Crypto, Investments. You focus on life and let Goley take care of this part.

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Goley (Bot) simplifies and supercharges your Crypto Investment

You keep your crypto gains by investing on a set schedule and low fees (*no charges from us after one time fee).

Private and secure, you do not share your Crypto Account, API or Keys with anyone. (including us).

Goley is set to run locally, encrypted keys and private information stays with you.

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Super Simple. Super Fast.

Level headed. No FUD, no Hopium.

Make changes as your need changes.

Small one time fee. Mighty results. 

Goley supports all 2000+ Crypto assets

We support all major cryptocurrencies that are supported by Coinbase. Take your pick and start building your personal Crypto portfolio.

Life time access.  No subcriptions and no sneaky fees.

Feeling subscriptions overload? Right there with you. Pay one life time access fee and BOT is yours. Forever.

Let’s See How It Works

Goley makes it the best way to start investing. Dollar Cost Averaging way.

Get the Goley. 

We are privacy first. You get your own bot and let it run on your schedule.

Give some command

Give your commands to your Little Bot. [Takes 3 mins or less]

Stat your Dollar Cost Averaging. 

Give your green signal to start DCA magic. All Private. All yours.

See it in Action

One job. Well done.

Simple in concept and powerful in execution.

Endless Flexibility

Hourly. Daily. Monthly..or more. You pick how often to investment.

Get. Set. Forget.

Time in market Vs Timing the market. Build on ageless investment principles. Set your investment target and let the BOT do the work for you.

Start your own going to moon investment.

Safe. Secure and built for investing. Our incentives are aligned with yours. $100 or $100,000. We charge one time fee and that's it. All wins are yours to keep. Always.


Great Product

I tried to invest in the crypto and while I am comfortable with some options, I was also nervous about making mistakes and losing my money on fees. This app has been a life saver for me. I can easily set up my portfolio with what percentage of my money is allocated to each coin, which is an intelligent way to diversify, and then let it run...

Verified Buyer

It is simple and straight forward

I've been using the Goley app (not a fan of the name) for a few months and I think it's really great. I love that it's averaging out investments over time. It forces me to be disciplined about what I decide to invest in and I save a ton of money on fees because of the robo investment approach.

Verified Buyer

Fantastic, I'm loving it

I'm a crypto investor and I use been using Goley for few months. I used to use 3 commas (tried both, paid version) the thing that really stood out about the service is the one time fee and their focus on robo investing. If you're like me and want to keep your transactions simple, this is the investment bot for you!

Verified Buyer

Does what it says

This app does exactly what it says on the tin. I'm not very astute with crypto, but thanks to this little app I've managed to get my hands on some really good coins at bargain prices.

Verified Buyer

Reviewed and improved some themes

Thank you for your help and customer support to help resolve the issue with the bot. Appreciate you and team helping people with lowering investment barriers

Verified Buyer

30 Day Money back guarantee

100% satisfaction

We stand behind Goley. If you are not happy with your bot for any reasons, full refund. No questions asked.

Secure and privacy first way to Dollar Cost Average your Crypto investment 

Try Goley today and if you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reachout. 

Life time access pass for $9.99.

  • Secure and privacy first bot.

  • Flexbible schedule for your Dollar Cost Average Investments

  • Start DCA investing in 30 seconds.

  • Life time pass for $9.99.  You earn and retain your Crypto gains

  • Set and forget, free up your valuable time 

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